Trucking and Logistics Applications

Our applications are highly-secure custom Web Apps or as custom plugins to the WordPress Platform. Our custom Web Apps are used and viewed on any device without the need to download software, further reducing problems and confusion.

We adapted our technology to use more open-source libraries to keep the cost and maintenance down over the long-term requirements for our client.

Truck App (TAP)

TAP is our flagship product, a load manager that automates every crucial function, and is relied upon by national rock & aggregate companies nationwide. It was built by trucking companies, and can be extensively customized to suit your practices: (Click on View Details below)

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  • Replaces paper systems for load dispatch.
  • Orders are pushed to our web API, where they are managed.
  • Driver or dispatch gets a text and email with with order details.
  • Driver reviews order details & accepts terms.
  • At pick-up driver records bulk weight and uploads quarry ticket.
  • Upon delivery, driver gets a digital signature and optional timestamp photo of delivery. The POD is now complete.
  • Company and customers are notified in real time.
  • Verbose log of processing is updated in real-time with visible order progress in Manager View.
  • Includes many features designed for real-life use by a recognized leader in aggregate hauling with tens of thousands of customers.

Key Improvements

  • More efficient delivery
  • The company gets to invoice the day of delivery, not one or two weeks after, as was the timeframe from when waiting for drivers to drop off paperwork.
  • Improved cash-flow
  • Driver get paid faster making working for this company an advantage
  • TAP provides Google Driving directions, all contact information for end customers making it easy to communicate.
Salt App (SAP)

Engineered to manage a sensitive relationship with a major de-icing salt manufacturer, SAP is a “fork” of TAP designed to precisely manage series orders which include multiple truckloads of material such as sand or salt to volume customers.

Close up of a municipal snow plow plowing the road during a snow storm in Long Islnad New York.
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Once the order is met, the order is closed out automatically and POD’s and data are sent for invoicing. Where huge orders were once very stressful occurrence, our customers turn it into routine operations.

The SAP has the following features:

  • Replaced an all-paper system for dispatching freight loads.
  • We push orders from their operating system (Sage) to a web application.
  • Tacks which drivers are working on a particular order.
  • The driver gets a link to see order details.
  • The diver can see what is still open and prevents over-delivery.
  • As soon as the order is completed, emails go to the company and customer in real-time.
  • A log of the process is updated in real-time so the company can see the progress of any order as it happens to provide improved customer service information.
Customer Portal App (CPA)

Provides a custom system for over 10,000 customers to gain access to their buying history, historic invoices, POD’s and more…

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  • Access to past invoices for view or download
  • Access to the current balance on the account
  • See POD on any order delivered by the company or its subcontractors
  • Initiate a re-order of historic items (Self Service) 24/7
  • Control access to their account to share with purchasing, owner/manager, and employees. Access level permissions are different for each.
  • Client and set up email or text notifications for activity on their accounts
  • Nighly data updates for next-day access to all historic activity
  • A protected system so no one has access to the company proprietary control system
  • More features we can not discuss.
Yard App (YAPP)

Creating a paperless system to push orders from the order entry out to order pullers cell phones.

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This application provides a lot of tools. It is currently in trial testing at one location and will soon be rolled out to several locations on the east coast from NY to GA.

  • Pushes orders from main computer system out to mobile web application
  • Order pullers can search for orders with customer names or numbers.
  • Order puller can update QTY or weights after pulling the order and the system sends back in real-time updates to the main computer.
  • Customer service can bill or present invoices for payment with accurate weights or Qty. right away.
  • Saves endless trips back and forth from yard and office. This is typically a multi-acre site.
  • Hold feature for order staging and delayed pick-up or freight scheduling
  • System dashboard for monitoring all orders and reassignments or modifications.
Other Business or Organization Applications
Association Text Messenger (ATM)

Instantly send text to everyone in your organization, and take advantage of our impeccable reputation on Twilio.

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  • Complete member management system
  • Online membership form
  • Online payment system
  • Offers reoccurring or onetime payment options
  • Integrated with PayPal

ATM System Features

  • Members can upload their employee’s cell numbers to be included in updates.
  • Admin can send text messages to members only or member plus member groups.
  • Filter text list by one or more custom categories the message applies
  • Meets all security and anti-spam requirements
  • Pinwilz Inc. is a Trust Hub ISV (Independent Software Vendor) with Twilio
  • Our Twilio reputation guarantees message delivery
Simple Sign Request (SSR)

The simplest way to get a signature for anything. Launching in March 2023. A perfect social distancing solution.

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Finally… a Simple, Mobile Friendly, Easy Sign Request Tool designed for Everyone’s simple Signature needs.

In every business, there is always a need to get a customer, partner, or vendor to agree to something. Signatures make it legal but that’s not always easy or at least not until now. We created a very easy, crazy inexpensive tool that everyone will need.
  • Need a Hold Harmless Agreement Signed, Simple
  • Change Order Acceptance by a customer, Simple
  • Even your deal written on a Napkin can be a high-tech binding agreement.

Perfect for:

  • New customer contracts
  • Work orders
  • Change orders
  • Policy changes
  • HR documents
  • Approvals
  • Cash Receipts
  • Napkin contracts – (Yes)
  • Term sheets
  • Training materials
  • Must read information
  • Lessons
  • Confirm read information
  • Hold Harmless agreements
  • Work From Home Documents
  • Time Sheets
  • Signed Inner/Outter Office Memos