Carrier POD Software is a product of Pinwilz, INC. based in Greensboro, NC. Pinwilz has been in business since 2006 and in partnership with io-sys UptimeHosting has developed and is promoting CPODS products. The founders have over 50 years of experience in developing software, website development, and providing best-in-class customer service.

  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • PHP Scripting
  • Java Script
  • Cron Applications
  • API Development
  • Security Encryptions
  • JQuery Extends Modern Browser Methods
  • PDF Libraries Extend Document Methods
  • Ajax Extends Database Searching
  • Partnered With Major Texting/Emailing Industry Players
  • Access Security
  • Access Management
  • Site Lock Measurements
  • Multi-Layered Protection By Design
  • Bi-Directional Encrypted Secure API Tunneling Protocol

Our custom solutions are designed first with a creative element that looks for shortcuts that would serve to streamline your normal business procedures. Custom software then is deployed permitting an extremely high degree of security along with extensive logging and monitoring to ensure intrusion attempts are caught early and never make it to the application layer.

Our Server Application Service permits securely exchanging data through our hardened servers that defend against the myriad of attacks on the internet.

Our security policy permits us to qualify customers for PCI compliance, in the event their financial institutions require it.

  • cPanel Accounts Permit Full Backup by Clients
  • Our computing environment is on a modern cloud host permitting us to have a private environment we use to host a small group of our corporate clients’ production sites.
  • Our hosting offers far too many features to list, but it is sufficient to say that we’ve been in this business for 25 years, and we’re very pleased with the performance of our data center and upline support.
Project Management

We take a hands-on approach to project management and your project manager will be involved from the inception of your ideas through competition. We will create an anticipated timeline for reaching milestones we develop as part of our project proposal and in most cases, we are able to meet or exceed time frames. Some projects involving third-party programming teams for integration can change the time frame so we will need to get commitments from other partnering companies where applicable.

Sales & Support

Throughout the process, we support our software with faster than standard turn-around times. Most issues are addressed right away and solutions will be implements at our first availability. We communicate well with follow-ups and confirmation of resolution. It is important that each company or organization that we contract with has a sole person liaison responsible for inter-communications.

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