CPODS Carrier Proof Of Delivery Software

We automate and optimize load management and customer service by digitizing the process with innovative software designed by experts in aggregates, landscaping supply, and trucking.

As web engineers, we developed and thoroughly tested this amazing product for over two years while in close contact with a prominent landscape supply company. After tens of thousands of deliveries and two-years of flawless functionality, we’re offering this revolutionary software to sellers of aggregates, landscaping products, lumber, stone, concrete (and more).

Available Now

We are now accepting requests from a limited number of new clients for the implementation of CPODS. Our cost-cutting feature-packed Digital Truck Delivery Management Software solution. If you have a fleet of 6 or more you may qualify to be one of the first to benefit from CPODS (Carrier Proof Of Delivery Software).

CPODS is part of a suite of custom transport software including Apps, Plugins, and APIs that work together to deliver full-featured business solutions designed to minimize the need for human involvement of order fulfillment while offering unprecedented customer service.

  • Orders are electronically delivered to drivers.
  • Drivers accept the terms, conditions and rate.
  • Drivers can change warehouse, and proceed to pickup.
  • Drivers upload Load Received Ticket
  • Digital signature is obtained by driver with or without photo of delivery.
  • Remote Signature helps with Covid-Safe Distancing
  • Instant customer email once delivery is complete
  • Manager Utility permits constant status of orders.
  • Customer interface permits review of past PODs.
  • Dispatcher process view dashboard.
  • No more calls from customers wanting a POD before they pay their bill.
  • No more need for drivers to receive orders.
  • No more need for drivers to turn-in orders.
  • Billing is automated with nightly batch processing.

Last Mile Software

Easy – Fast – Reliable

Cost Savings

While every business is different, the cost savings can be substantial. We expect that companies using our platform to solve this problem will be able to afford better pay for drivers which will improve retaining your workforce.

  • Efficiency – Drivers can get new orders from where they are in real-time, no need to run back to the dispatcher or main office to pick up new order papers.
  • Built-in Maps allows drivers to easily tap for directions or find the best routes to save time and fuel.
  • Save your customer service folks from taking endless phone calls asking for POD’s Your customers will receive them in an email as soon as the delivery is complete.
  • Completed orders are available for billing right away so you can shorten your time for collecting money by however much time this saves you.

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